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Kibale Chimpanzee Forest- A great place to go Chimp Tracking

Kibale National Park was created in 1993 to protect a large area of forest previously managed as a logged Forest Reserve (gazetted in 1932). The park adjoins with Queen Elizabeth National Park and is an important eco-tourism and safari destination, popular for its population of habituated chimpanzees and 12 other species of primate.With lush tropical rainforest and a fascinating diversity of animals, Kibale National Park is one of the most beautiful and stunning forests in Uganda, with the highest diversity and density of primates in Africa.Kibale Forest is certainly worth protecting as it is home to the largest number (in Uganda) of our closest living relative, the endangered chimpanzee. The chances of seeing the chimpanzees in Kibale Forest are better then 90%. Making this the best place to see them in Uganda and Rwanda.
                                      Chimpanzee tracking Tracking chimpanzees is a very interesting experience. Get your walking shoes on as we move through bush and jungle to spend one hour with our fascinating relatives, watching them swing through the trees or move quickly across the ground in front of us.Chimpanzees and humans share more than 98% of their genetic code.

An Exotic Paradise Of Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda

Although as part of the East African Rift Valley system, unlike other high mountains such as Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, those here are not volcanic.
           The landscape of Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda is a dense canopy of varying shades of green, and its textures make it resemble an enormous, leafy quilt.The giant Lobeliaand groundsels shade the pink and green giant earthworms, some of which can reach 45 cm (18 in) in length. The varied bird life, including the conspicuous regal, purple-breasted sunbirds, handsome francolins, olive pigeons and Rwenzori turacos creates a delicious cacophony from above.
    Visitors can also view animals like chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, elephants, bushbuck, giant forest hogs, hyraxes and leopards. You will not regret taking a trip to this African paradise, Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda.

When To Go To Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda?
July and August, December to February for hiking in the dry season, although Alpine birds move to the lower elevations during the wetter months.

What To See In Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda?
Luscious forest filled with a variety of trees, flowers, birds and small mammals.

Where Is Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda?
25 km (16 mi) from Kasese.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda Also Known As?
Rain maker

What Is To Do In Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda?
Mountaineers and trekkers of all abilities will enjoy a visit to the park

Toro Golf Club in Fort Portal , Western Uganda

Fort Portal is a small town and it is easily possible to just walk. If you need to go further, there are Boda Boda motorbike taxis everywhere in town. For about 1000 UGX you can travel about 2 - 3 kilometers. But beware, they drive fast and are not very safe, and there are no good hospitals around in case you have an accident.
You can also take a "private hire" (taxi cab) which you can find on the corner of the main roundabout in the centre of Fort Portal and some other locations. There are also some bicycle taxis left.

Fort Portal on the edge of Uganda’s equatorial rainforest. is an enchanting land full of lakes, grasslands, marshes and forests on the lower slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains in western Uganda.
There are many wonderful lodges within Kibale forest where you can spend a night or two in a tree house experiencing the sounds of the forests inhabitants including 8 species of monkey, chimpanzees, the forst elephant, bush pig, giant forest hog and much more.
Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park which is less than an hours drive from Fort Portal on the way to Mbarara. The wide bio-diversity of habitats means that Queen Elizabeth National Park contains the most astonishing number of species - almost 100 types of mammal and 606 different birds! The Kasinga Channel alone is said to contain the world's largest concentration of hippos, but interestingly enough not many crocodiles! Other wildlife includes warthogs, buffalo, rare aquatic sitatunga antelope, giant forest hog, beautifully horned Uganda kob, topi, waterbuck, elephant and leopard.

This is a wonderful national park, sometimes dubbed 'the Pearl of Africa or Switzerland of Africa'. Quite simply this fertile equatorial area is especially scenic, with two lakes connected by a channel overlooked by a high peninsula. You will also find volcanic craters, grassy plains and tropical forest. As a result it has one of the highest biodiversity ratings in the world. Hunting exhibits such as stuffed lions, leopard skins, deer heads and elephants tusks may still be found adorning some hotels and lodges, but the emphasis is certainly more on shooting with a camera these days. Much of Uganda Safaris were poached out in the past, especially elephants, but now the area is protected and elephants numbers are boosted by those entering the park from the Congo, where poaching is still a problem.

There is also a really funny statue of Sir Gerald Portal on the main road of the town. Yes, he does have a gun in his pocket and yes, he is pleased see you.

The Toro King’s Palace

Toro is one of the four traditional kingdoms located within the borders of Uganda. The current Omukama of Toro is King Rukidi IV.It was founded in 1830 when Omukama Kaboyo Olimi I, the eldest son of Omukama of Bunyoro Nyamutukura Kyebambe III of Bunyoro, seceded and established his own independent kingdom. Absorbed into Bunyoro-Kitara in 1876, it reasserted its independence in 1891.
As with Buganda, Bunyoro, and Busoga, Toros monarchy was abolished in 1967 by the Government of Uganda, but was reinstated in 1993.

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